Celebrating World Vape Day 2021

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World Vape Day is coming up on May 30th and we want to help you celebrate, whether you vape in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else around the world! Keep reading to learn more about World Vape Day and find some different ways to mark the occasion this year!

What is World Vape Day?

World Vape Day is celebrated on May 30th each year. The aim of the day to highlight the benefits of vaping as a tobacco harm reduction method. It’s a chance to showcase all of the positive aspects of vaping and the good it brings to society by providing an effective alternative to smoking.

The theme of World Vape Day 2021 is “Go The Extra Mile”. This theme celebrates everyone who uses vaping to quit smoking going the extra mile in their lives in terms of improved health and wellness. It’s also a reminder to think about how vapers can go the extra mile to promote vaping and support those who need help giving up tobacco.

How to Celebrate This Year

Whether you create your own tradition or take part in an official event, there are heaps of ways to mark World Vape Day 2021 and celebrate how far you have come on your quit smoking journey.

World Vaping Alliance Live Stream

The World Vaping Alliance (WVA) is putting together an awesome live stream event this year. Starting with a vape show, they will then move on to talks such as “Time For Optimism: How Vaping Is Changing the World” and “Why Is It Worth Going the Extra Mile for Vaping”. These talks will be from a panel of knowledgeable speakers including Prof. Bernhard Mayer, a Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology at the University of Graz. The livestream will be rounded out with an epic show from Brazilian vaping influencer Alexandro “Hazard” Lucian.

The event starts at 16:00 CET, but you can catch the broadcast on Facebook after the event finishes as well.

The World Vape Day Run

For a special 2021 twist, the WVA is organizing a global World Vape Day Run. Vapers are encouraged to run, walk, or jog a mile, and share their activity on Twitter using the hashtags #RunVaperRun and #WorldVapeDay. This is a way to celebrate the improved health of those who have moved from smoking to vaping and show others what is possible once you make this lifestyle change.

So get moving around your neighbourhood this May for a fun way to promote the health benefits of vaping, while also getting your endorphin fix!

Share Your Story

Whether you share your vape to quit story with an online community or with close friends who need a helping hand, doing so can have a big impact. By allowing others to hear about the struggles you overcame while quitting smoking, you can show them it is possible no matter how tough it seems at the start. Sometimes this inspiration is all people need to help them along on their journey, so reach out to friends and family to give them some encouragement this World Vape Day!

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