A new range of high VG e-liquids released by NZVAPOR

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For many, when moving to vaping from smoking, a high PG e-liquid is what hits the spot and can help the quit process considerably. But what happens when vaping is no longer a relacement for smoking? When the passtime is a passtime and no longer a ‘program’? That is often the stage where many vapers start looking for e-cigarettes that will give them higher cloud production and tastier flavours.

“Up until now NZVAPOR has done well in the transition part of the market, but did not have a range of e-juices to compliment the next phase of the vape journey… So we invested in an ‘intermediate’ to ‘experienced’ range of electronic cigarettes and a range of liquids that suit those tools, called VAPE-JUICE” said QJ Satchell from NZVAPOR.

“Typical of me and the team, the range is a little different to a lot of stuff out there; from the ‘tattoo style’ branding to the whimsical blurbs and alternative flavours. I feel like the new range will tick a lot of boxes for vapers out there… After all we’re all a little left of centre in our own special way, haha. We were also very lucky to have had the Ohm Kiwis release the new line of VAPE-JUICE. The live broadcast on Trove Live took the new range to the world. We are very grateful” said QJ.

The new range, VAPE-JUICE is available on the website in 3 flavours:

Each has a distinct and different flavour and with reviews beginning to flow in, it seems these flavours are already making an impact!

Better get yours!

Here is the release on the Ohm Kiwis show

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