Vaping hits Hollywood: celebrities who love to vape

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Since Hollywood is one of the outlets responsible for romanticising cigarette smoking. Tinsel Town loves to dodge responsibility by stating that art doesn’t influence culture, rather that it mirrors society. Smoking came before Clark Gable and Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, and so these actors smoked on screen.

Thankfully, there are some celebrities (as well as musicians) who are going against the grain and are embracing the vape. Here are some celebrities who’ve been spotted vaping:

Johnny Depp

Depp was responsible for one of the first ever on-screen appearances of vaping in public (on a train during The Tourist). He must have enjoyed it, because Depp has been spotted several times since enjoying a vape.

Michelle Rodriguez

Michelle has been vaping for a long time, and she’s often spotted in public with the coolest new mods.

Katy Perry

Another long-time vaper, Katy was first spotted with a vape back in 2011, after she quit smoking cigarettes. She shared a vape with Orlando Bloom at a party, which was the beginning of their romantic entanglement.

Samuel L Jackson

Making vaping cool for young and old alike, Jackson has been vaping for years, and he’s responsible for getting many older smokers to start rocking e-cigarettes.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Leonardo is an early adopter – he’s been a prominent face for the industry since e-cigarettes first hit the market. He’s credited with introducing Hollywood to the idea of vaping, and he’ll unashamedly vape at big ticket events like the Screen Actors’ Guild awards.

Norman Reeds

Walking Dead star Norman Reedus loves a good vape after a hard day slaying zombies. He also very kindly takes photos with all his fans at his local vape shop.

Zac Efron

Since his character in the film Neighbors puffed constantly on a vape, teen heartthrob Zac seems to have taken up vaping off screen, as well.

Seeing celebrities vaping in public and in their films is a great way to represent this alternative to the smoking community and help to normalise vaping to the wider population. The more we see vapers in the media, the more vaping becomes a popular alternative to cigarettes.

Who else in Hollywood is vaping? Which of your favourite celebrities are vaping right now?

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