The NZVapor Top 95 Countdown

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The NZVapor Top 95 Countdown – voting is now open!

95bFM is celebrating our fiftieth anniversary this year! And what better way to look back on fifty years of bloody brilliant broadcasting than by celebrating what we do best – music.

We’re compiling a list of the 95 best bFM tunes of all time as voted by YOU the listener. The last time we counted down the Top 95 was for our fortieth, and a few things have changed since then – not sure if Pink Floyd will make the cut this time around. But Flying Nun? Footmahi? Faith No More? Whatever bFM means to you, that’s what we want to find out!

On top of all that other mint stuff, if you vote with your bCard you could be into win a cool $950 cash! You don’t need a bCard to vote, but you do need one to win  – so sign-up for yours here. Voting opens Monday September 9th and it’s gonna be bloody massive!

Voting is open from now until September 22nd. Get involved in some 95bFM history and vote here!

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