PRESS RELEASE – Show Off Your Drift Skills with NZVAPOR’s Drift Boss

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NZ VAPOR are always looking for ways to entertain their audience and give them a good time, and this month they want to let you know about their new micro game, ‘Drift Boss’. You can find it on their website, under the heading, ‘Show us your Drift Skills’. The aim of the game is to drive and drift as long as you possibly can! Simply follow the easy instructions in-game to learn how to play.

Drift Boss is super easy and addictive, so feel free to share it around with your mates, and set them a target to beat.

Switching to something a bit more serious, if you are getting mixed messages about where you can and can’t vape in New Zealand.  A recent amendment to the Smoke-free Act 1990 has seen some strict vaping regulations come into place. This includes policy around vaping in public and private areas.

On the 11th of November 2020, an update to the Smoke-free Environments Act 1990 saw it become the Smoke-free Environments and Regulated Products (Vaping) Amendment Act. This means that vaping is now also prohibited in areas where smoking is prohibited.

This update to the act has seen vaping become prohibited in all internal areas of every workplace. However, employers should still support employees who are vaping to quit smoking! Creating designated vaping areas outside the workplace is a great way to do this, so your team members can stay on track with their quit-smoking goals.

Vaping indoors at hospitality venues including restaurants, bars, and cafes is now prohibited under the Smoke-free Act. However, these places may have an outdoor area where vaping is permitted.

Vaping is a critical tool for those wanting to quit smoking, so vapers need to be respectful of others and keep a good name for all vape users out there, and for more information on vape sale AU, buying smok coils and vape liquids please go to

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