PRESS RELEASE – NZVAPOR Encouraging People to Keep Signing the Petition

Legalise Vaping in Australia and its community of supporters are working to legalise vaping in Australia, ensuring Australian smokers have access to these less harmful devices. Their community of supporters continues to grow, and they now have over 10,000 newsletter subscribers, over 20,000 Facebook followers, and over 4,500 Twitter followers. Thousands of people have signed petitions online and on the street, and they continue to be interviewed with news outlets – for online, in print, on radio, and on TV – helping bring our message to hundreds of thousands of Australians.
NZVAPOR are happy with this new development and are encouraging people to keep signing the petition, as it is very important to keep up the protest, especially for the people who just stopped smoking.
While we all know the best way to eliminate the harm caused by smoking is to quit smoking completely, but for those who are unable to quit, moving to smoke-free products provides an opportunity for better health and an improved life. E-cigarettes and vapes are considered to be a better alternative to smoking and more effective for smoking cessation than nicotine replacement therapy.
Along with the help of experts and leading researchers, the Legalise Vaping Australia team is engaged with key politicians across Australia and across the political spectrum to find the right regulatory balance that ensures these products are available to all Australian smokers who are trying to quit.
They are making sure that Australians learn the real facts about vaping, to let consumers and authorities know how strong the case is for consumers to making the easy switch from high-risk cigarettes to low-risk vaping.
More people than ever know how valuable vaping is as a harm-reduction tool, and are standing behind legalisation, both in parliament and in the media. Legalise Vaping Australia is committed to campaigning for the regulation and legalisation of smoke-free products.
There are still millions of smokers in Australia, and with this pending legislation they’re being deprived of a successful way to quit, so for more information on vape mods, vape accessories NZ and e-cigarettes NZ please go to

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