What Is Dry Herb Vaping?
Vaping can sometimes be a difficult thing to navigate, with endless mods, pods, E-Juices and coils—it can be hard figuring out what system is meant for you! The increasing popularity of the E-Cigarette in Australia and in New Zealand has seen Sub-Ohm mods and pod-systems taking over the market, so v..
Prefilled Vs Refillable Pod Vape Systems
Are you new to vaping, and aren’t sure which device to choose? One of the most simple yet effective devices is the vape pod. These generally have improved capabilities compared to basic vape pens so they will provide a satisfying result while still being super easy to use. When it comes to pods..
6 Signs It’s Time To Replace Your Vape Coil
Has your vape gone from giving amazing results to producing disappointing, unpleasant hits? This could be due to an issue with your vape coil. The coil is an integral part of any device that is responsible for vapour production. All vapes need frequent coil replacements unless you are using a disp..
How to Make Your E-Juice Last Longer
Do you seem to be constantly filling up your device? Or have you found that you’ve been spending a decent amount of dough on e-juice in NZ lately? Don’t stress, there are some simple tips and tricks to stretch out your e-juice consumption. Keep reading to learn more about making your e-liquid last. ..
Value for Money: The Most Affordable Starter Kits
Want to give vaping a go instead of smoking, but don’t want to make a big investment straight away? As ex-smokers, we understand how hard it is to stop smoking and how the upfront cost of a vape device could put you off. For those looking to test the waters without spending too much, we have compile..
Celebrating World Vape Day 2021
World Vape Day is coming up on May 30th and we want to help you celebrate, whether you vape in Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else around the world! Keep reading to learn more about World Vape Day and find some different ways to mark the occasion this year! What is World Vape Day? Wor..
Regulated Mod Vs Unregulated Mod: What’s the Difference?
Wanting to up your vaping game and move onto mod vape devices? As you delve deeper into the vaping world, you may hear about regulated and unregulated mods. In this blog post, we explain the differences between these two vape types so you can choose the right device for your skill level. Regula..
The Best Tobacco E-Liquids to Try This Year
While unique flavoured e-liquids are delicious, sometimes you just need a quality tobacco e-juice to fall back on. Here, we outline our 6 top picks for tobacco flavoured e-liquids in Australia so you can find a new favourite! 1. Still Hangin’ Vape Juice The Still Hangin’ Vape Juice bri..
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