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Product Description

60ml – VG50/50PG


Royale Vape e-liquid boasts the perfect mix of dark and bright tobaccos aged with Rum and Red Wine.

Formulated to give you that distinct flavour of Port Royal tobacco. This e-juice will offer you the familiar, smooth and mellow vaping experience you enjoyed as a smoker.

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  1. Author : Davina C.

    Review Added on :

    I’ve been using NZ Vapours for over 2 years now and the service they offer and the products they supply are second to none. Could not recommend these guys highly enough!

  2. Author : Charles W.

    Review Added on :

    On point guyz. This product is brilliant. Purchased it after hearing good reviews and this vape lives up to its name. Perfect f all day vape for a packet of a day smoker. 5 :+1:

  3. Author : TempestH

    Review Added on :

    If you roll your own i can recommend it. Awesome.

  4. Author : Gary T

    Review Added on :

    Great liquid very happy to buy again 🙂

  5. Author : Melanie

    Review Added on :

    I’ve been using Royal vape for almost 3 months now and it’s great I was just wanting to know why with this one you cannot get it in the larger size bottles and with a choice of less than 12mg of nicotine but otherwise am loving this product

  6. Author : Ross

    Review Added on :

    Been smoking for 22 years, just got myself a T22 Innokin vapor kit, Pack a day smoker. Smoked winfield blues most my life, wanted a juice that was as close to a cig as possible, this juice is great!! Grateful i didnt get the 18mg it would have been to harsh on my throat , the 12mg is perfect. Wish me luck trying to kick the cigs away….. I am new to this vaping thingo…So far so good!!
    Will be buying more of this juice for sure! Thanks.

  7. Author : Martin

    Review Added on :

    After mucking around with several different types and brands of tobacco e-liquid and being extremely disappointed that they were not as close to smoking as I needed, being an ex-smoker, I was very close to giving up on vaping completely and going back to smoking.
    Then I found this. Port royal was my tobacco of choice when I was smoking and this e-liquid is very close to the original.
    If I hadn’t found it, it’d probably be back smoking. Give it a go.

  8. Author : Steve T.

    Review Added on :

    This was my first vaping juice I purchased along with the Eleaf icare 140 device. I wanted a taste and sensation that would somewhat simulate a cigarette as I wanted to make the transition from cigs to vaping. I had never vaped before and I didn’t have any real knowledge on vaping so to me this was a new experience. I purchased the 18mg strength bottle. I can honestly say that I am very impressed with this choice of juice. There is a very strong throat hit as well as a rich tobacco flavour. I have only been vaping for 7 days and I have not had a cigarette since and I don’t even have an urge for one. This has been perfect for my transition to vaping and now I’m more confident to try some of the flavours as I don’t really want a tobacco flavour anymore. I was never a huge smoker, maybe 10-15 cigs a day (unless drinking alcohol), and I have found since vaping my nicotine cravings have subsided considerably. I did, however, find the 18mg juice very strong on the throat – possibly because I’m new to vaping and not used to the feeling. My future orders will be 12mg as I want a bit smoother hit. Overall a great product and highly recommended.

  9. Author : josh e.

    Review Added on :

    Great, this is the way to not smoke while we smoke, I’ll be back brilliant stuff, great taste

  10. Author : Rachel

    Review Added on :

    I’ve purchased about 5 different tobacco flavoured e-juices (not from this site) and I although they were OK, they just didn’t do it for me. I then came across this website and bought Royale Vape 12mg. So glad I did because this e-juice is perfect! Smooth, good amount of cloud, great taste. I had initially gone for 18mg (when I first started vaping) to help get me off cigarettes and found that it was a bit too strong, so when I ordered this product I chose 12mg and it’s spot on. A lovely nicotine buzz but really easy on the throat. I haven’t touch a cigarette in 6 months and I am absolutely confident I will never smoke cigarettes again. I highly recommend Royale Vape if you are after the ‘cigarette’ taste and experience or wanting to vape for the first time in order to quit cigarettes. Also love the fast shipping to Australia (where our backward Government are yet to approve e-juices containing nicotine……..)

  11. Author : Jacob P.

    Review Added on :

    This is good vape juice, the flavour is rather bland but definitely is similar to the port royal rolling tobacco… very woody smell… you can taste and feel the quality as well so it’s a worthy investment

  12. Author : Wendy W.

    Review Added on :

    Real good. Will be back for more.

  13. Author : Todd

    Review Added on :

    So good, almost shoot in my undies

  14. Author : Kerry W.

    Review Added on :

    High quality juice. Using the express delivery I received my order made on Sunday night – arrived on Wednesday in Western Australia. Fantastic service. Thanks so much!

  15. Author : Chris

    Review Added on :

    Smoked Port Royal for years, recently switched to Vaping. I tried quite a few tobacco flavored vapes, not so great, and then got some Royal Vape today, It’s close for sure, a pleasant and familiar taste that I was looking for, well done guys. Nice quick shipping to Kapiti too

  16. Author : PAUL

    Review Added on :

    Ordered the juice about a week ago from Australia and came this morning, exactly what I ordered and very quick shipping! Will be shopping here again!

  17. Author : Brad

    Review Added on :

    This juice tastes just like Port Royal! Amazing! A+

  18. Author : 187 V.

    Review Added on :

    This juice is amazing!!!!

  19. Author : glen h.

    Review Added on :

    this is great juice

  20. Author : Terry S.

    Review Added on :


  21. Author : Trev

    Review Added on :

    Royale Vape is divine! I’ve tried at least 50 different tobacco flavored liquids and this one is the best. Smooth, rich, pouch tobacco flavour. My new All day vape

Nicotine Level Guide (High PG)

Less throat hit than a nicotine based e-liquid.

Smooth throat hit. Medium-low strength

Smooth throat hit. Medium strength

Full throat hit. Heavy strength.

Full throat hit. Full strength.


The first choices to make are “What flavour do I choose” and “What nicotine level do I need”. This is a decision that can seem daunting but it is really quite simple.

When it comes to flavour, the choice is personal. All our e-liquids have been through extensive testing so they taste exactly like they say they do.

If you are moving from smoking to vaping; NZVAPOR would recommend a tobacco flavour as your main, and a flavour from our other ranges as a “move to” product. As people settle into their new vapelife they often realise that they no longer need to stick with the taste of tobacco to get their nicotine fix.

Please reference our simple to follow strength guide just above.

The higher the nicotine level that you choose the more throat hit you will get. If you smoked a strong cigarette or cigar you should be choosing a higher nicotine level. If you smoked lights, something lower would be more suitable.

We pride ourselves on quality and only source the best ingredients. The only ingredients in our liquids are:

Nicotine (if chosen) - certified 99.57% Pure, and meets EU6.0 Medical Grade standards

Propylene Glycol – 99.9% pharmaceutical grade

Vegetable Glycerine - 99.7+% pure, USP, Food Grade and Kosher

FDA compliant, natural and artificial flavourings. All of our flavourings are Diacetyl free.

If you use a smaller, less powerful device you will most probably need a liquid with a higher PG ratio (i.e. VG50/50PG). Most smaller devices (often looking like a pen) need a thinner, more runny liquid as small devices often have small inlets around the coil, and a thick liquid cant pass through fast enough. These devices are usually used with a ‘mouth to lung’ technique.

If you have a higher powered device you will probably need a high VG e-liquid (i.e.VG70/30PG). A high powered device is often quite large and has very large induction holes in the coil, to allow more juice to flow through. If your liquid is too thin these devices can leak - which is a bit of a pain.

When it comes to how much e-liquid you go through, every user is a little bit different, so numbers can vary.

A 60ml bottle of ‘high PG’ e-liquid (i.e. VG50/50PG), used in a ‘pen style’ vaping device (using the mouth to lung technique) would generally last a ‘pack a day’ smoker about 2-4 weeks.

The high VG e-liquids (i.e. VG70/30PG) should be used in sub ohm devices, which are often high powered devices. Because they are generally designed to give you much more cloud you will use more liquid. Approximately 50-100ml a week, or thereabouts, depending on your habits and techniques.

Our e-liquids have a shelf life of minimum 2 years from production. Because we produce our liquids through machinery every bottle is stamped with an expiry date and batch number.

Always store your e-liquid out of reach from children, in a cool, dark place. The sun breaks nicotine down, so if you have nicotine based e-liquid you do not want to leave it in direct sunlight.

Try to avoid excessive heat as heat can cause the flavourings in your e-liquid to over steep and can result in a delicious, yet unexpected taste.

Please ensure you recycle your empty bottles when finished.