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VAPURE Espresso

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Product Description

VG50/50PG – Espresso e-liquid is a complex coffee flavour.

The broad sweetness, bright notes and delicate vaping are designed to give espresso drinkers a greater complexity of balanced flavours, while still providing a full-bodied punch. Perfect for the early morning wake and vapers!

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Average Rating For VAPURE Espresso

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Total Review 15

  1. Author : Robert

    Review Added on :

    Now that’s coffee…

  2. Author : philip b.

    Review Added on :

    Good product,not overpowering but subtle. I will continue to buy product

  3. Author : TempestH

    Review Added on :

    That first vape with your coffee. Excellent.

  4. Author : Julian Ravenloft

    Review Added on :

    Apologies, I do hate to bag anything, but this is disgusting. Ive tried many coffee flavours and like bitter an black. Ive given this every chance, 3 different devices, tastes exactly the same in all, burnt popcorn. Unfortunately i panic bought 4 bottles when nic liquid imports were about to be banned in Oz…

  5. Author : Justin Verrall

    Review Added on :

    I don’t know how this has gotten such a high review.. I like another reviewer found this to taste like burnt popcorn. I thought it might have been because I had another flavour in it before but I’ve filled the tank three times now and still get the burnt popcorn taste… Thankfully I’ve only bought one bottle as apposed to four. I should mention that I’m using zero mg of nic

  6. Author : Ryan

    Review Added on :

    Interesting flavour, much closer to caramel than coffee.

  7. Author : nicki

    Review Added on :

    Like it alot thow dosn’t taste much like coffee. 12 is beta than 18mg. ALL DAY VAPE LOVE IT!
    Also nice wif. Either 4 drops moonshine or chocolate truffle.
    Moonshine would probably be nice in a 10mg rather than 12mg
    All great threw joytech eGo D16 wif it’s great swirl tip and easy fill
    Would like 2 b able to make your own sample box in the NV juices b brill

  8. Author : Steve D.

    Review Added on :

    I’m pretty new to vaping , I’ve tried a few different flavours , but so far this is my favourite

  9. Author : Owen T.

    Review Added on :

    Very tasty and smooth. Good for all day vape. Decent clouds. Will buy again.

  10. Author : Pete

    Review Added on :

    My go to flavour ..its an all day vape .. nice

  11. Author : Garreth

    Review Added on :

    Really great taste, no irritation on the throat and arrived really quickly for an overseas purchase.

  12. Author : Kara Ruddell

    Review Added on :

    Nice and smooth flavour, will definitely buy agin.

  13. Author : Lisa E.

    Review Added on :

    Love this e liquid, as does my son who has recently started vaping. Awesome service as well

  14. Author : Jack D

    Review Added on :

    Tastes like those Kopiko coffee hard candies. Enjoyable flavor

  15. Author : Graham Lauder

    Review Added on :

    One of my favoured go to flavours. Always good. and I keep coming back for more

Nicotine Level Guide (High PG)

Less throat hit than a nicotine based e-liquid.

Smooth throat hit. Medium-low strength

Smooth throat hit. Medium strength

Full throat hit. Heavy strength.

Full throat hit. Full strength.


The first choices to make are “What flavour do I choose” and “What nicotine level do I need”. This is a decision that can seem daunting but it is really quite simple.

When it comes to flavour, the choice is personal. All our e-liquids have been through extensive testing so they taste exactly like they say they do.

If you are moving from smoking to vaping; NZVAPOR would recommend a tobacco flavour as your main, and a flavour from our other ranges as a “move to” product. As people settle into their new vapelife they often realise that they no longer need to stick with the taste of tobacco to get their nicotine fix.

Please reference our simple to follow strength guide just above.

The higher the nicotine level that you choose the more throat hit you will get. If you smoked a strong cigarette or cigar you should be choosing a higher nicotine level. If you smoked lights, something lower would be more suitable.

We pride ourselves on quality and only source the best ingredients. The only ingredients in our liquids are:

Nicotine (if chosen) - certified 99.57% Pure, and meets EU6.0 Medical Grade standards

Propylene Glycol – 99.9% pharmaceutical grade

Vegetable Glycerine - 99.7+% pure, USP, Food Grade and Kosher

FDA compliant, natural and artificial flavourings. All of our flavourings are Diacetyl free.

If you use a smaller, less powerful device you will most probably need a liquid with a higher PG ratio (i.e. VG50/50PG). Most smaller devices (often looking like a pen) need a thinner, more runny liquid as small devices often have small inlets around the coil, and a thick liquid cant pass through fast enough. These devices are usually used with a ‘mouth to lung’ technique.

If you have a higher powered device you will probably need a high VG e-liquid (i.e.VG70/30PG). A high powered device is often quite large and has very large induction holes in the coil, to allow more juice to flow through. If your liquid is too thin these devices can leak - which is a bit of a pain.

When it comes to how much e-liquid you go through, every user is a little bit different, so numbers can vary.

A 60ml bottle of ‘high PG’ e-liquid (i.e. VG50/50PG), used in a ‘pen style’ vaping device (using the mouth to lung technique) would generally last a ‘pack a day’ smoker about 2-4 weeks.

The high VG e-liquids (i.e. VG70/30PG) should be used in sub ohm devices, which are often high powered devices. Because they are generally designed to give you much more cloud you will use more liquid. Approximately 50-100ml a week, or thereabouts, depending on your habits and techniques.

Our e-liquids have a shelf life of minimum 2 years from production. Because we produce our liquids through machinery every bottle is stamped with an expiry date and batch number.

Always store your e-liquid out of reach from children, in a cool, dark place. The sun breaks nicotine down, so if you have nicotine based e-liquid you do not want to leave it in direct sunlight.

Try to avoid excessive heat as heat can cause the flavourings in your e-liquid to over steep and can result in a delicious, yet unexpected taste.

Please ensure you recycle your empty bottles when finished.