100mg Flavourless Nicotine

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Product Description

100mg/ml freebase nicotine. MADE IN NZ, BY US!


How can we make the cheapest HIGH QUALITY nicotine product in NZ? We have spent almost 10 years investing in the supply, the technology and the science to make the highest quality nicotine products right here in NZ – and we’ve nailed it!

NZVAPOR owns and operates New Zealand’s highest qualified vape production facility, and the quality of our product reflects that commitment.

FREEBASE nicotine, floated in PG. Made for DYI vapers


Best stored in a very cold, dark place (i.e. your freezer)

Before purchasing this product please be sure you are aware of the dangers of high strength nicotine. Always store away from kids and pets, DO NOT DRINK, handle with care


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Average Rating For 100mg Flavourless Nicotine

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  1. Author : Kevin B

    Review Added on :

    Really is pure and clean nicotine. A+ product

  2. Author : Jordan H

    Review Added on :

    Awesome pricing! This is definitely a high quality nicotine. No peppery taste.

  3. Author : Sian Firth

    Review Added on :

    I normally get my stuff from another company but tired NZ vape for the first time. Excellent. Will buy again. Oh and customer service is on point! A+

  4. Author : Drake P

    Review Added on :

    Overnight delivery is real. Made my order at 3 yesterday and it delivered today at 7. Thats pretty impressive. Smooth as nicotine. I’ll be back for more

  5. Author : JD Vaughan

    Review Added on :

    Hands down cheapest nicotine around. REAL good quality. My 50mg mix goes down a treat.

  6. Author : Rylee K

    Review Added on :

    Dayum this stuff good

  7. Author : Kyle Petone

    Review Added on :

    Best service ever. Top quality

  8. Author : K Taite

    Review Added on :

    Mixing at 3mg and vaping in my Crown 200w with Kylin RTA. Hit is perfect. Not harsh but def feel the hit when I breathe in. Thats what I like. Bought this and some other stuff and got delivery in Australia the next day, its worth the shipping cost to know that Im gonna get my stuff that fast. Tell your mates, this stuff is good, and cheap, and fast. Stoked I found NZ Vapor after dealing with troubles from my last suppliers

  9. Author : Manu Esera

    Review Added on :

    Took a shot and tried this. Best I’ve had

  10. Author : Andy D

    Review Added on :

    Sooooooo good!