NZ's only grade 5 ISO Accredited E-liquid lab

Yes, you read that right - NZVAPOR's clean room has been accredited by ISO as a GRADE 5 PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY! The ONLY one in New Zealand! In fact, as far as we know; our lab is actually the only pharmaceutical grade e-liquid lab in the southern hemisphere!

What does GRADE 5 ISO mean? It means we are actually cleaner than a surgery. Grade 5 is 30 times cleaner than a grade 8, which is the minimum standard for clean rooms. That's actually a really hard thing to do, so yip - we're pretty proud.

That means that when you purchase our e-liquids; you are able to be absolutely 100% certain that there are NO unexpected contaminants - We work hard, so you have peace of mind!

Since 2012 we have refined our policies, products and procedures. Our techniques and facilities are registered and we ALWAYS strive to be the best.

So when you purchase from us, just remember - NZVAPOR officially has the cleanest facility in NZ (and possibly the southern hemisphere).

NZVAPOR’s laboratory is 30 times cleaner than it needs to be for the minimum standard. We OFFICIALLY have the CLEANEST lab in NZ!