In 2012 NZVAPOR was in its infancy, but even at that early stage it was clear that our customers would always demand a quality e-liquid. To control the quality of e-liquids meant that we needed to invest in the right machinery, suppliers and facilities… So that’s what we did.

Today, after years of refining our policies, products and procedures we have a clean, premium and unrivalled product. We are proud to tell all customers that all liquids in our range are made with love, from our very own recipes, in our very own ISO accredited facilities. 

All our ‘Mixing’ staff have been trained and are qualified in handling goods of this type. So you, the customer can be sure that your liquids have been made in house, to the utmost standard, by our own staff. All of whom are passionate, caring and accept nothing other than perfection.

WHAT DOES ISO GRADE 5 MEAN? It means we are CLEANER than a surgery. Grade 5 is a pharmaceutical grade accreditation. No other e-liquid supplier in NZ is that clean!

NZVAPOR’s clean room has been accredited as an ISO class 5 laboratory. The minimum requirement for a clean room is ISO class 8, so that means we are far cleaner than we need to be and we have better policies than we need to have. We are even CLEANER than a surgery.