Quality NZ made E-liquids

NZ’s first ISO certified E-liquid factory

NZVAPOR started in 2012 and has always focussed on producing the best vape products. We’ve been making e-liquid to this standard longer than any other company and have always made sure that we are the best at what we do. We’re leading the vape industry with pride.
We were very early adapters, and as vaping numbers grew we focussed heavily on our factory – instead of opening stores around the country, we invested everything we made back into our facility.
Because of that commitment we were the first to create an ISO GRADE 5, purpose-built facility and continue to operate with the very best standards in the country.
To put all this into perspective – we are even cleaner than a surgery and 30x cleaner than the minimum standard for a cleanroom laboratory. THAT’S A PHARMACEUTICAL GRADE. Not bad at all!

E-liquids you can trust

NZVAPOR has very strict production and sourcing policies. We control:

That go into
our e-liquids


Every ingredient
comes from


Of the ingredients


That the liquids
are made in


Of how they
are made

In short – we control the entire process and the ingredients of all of our e-liquids. That’s kina hard work, but because we’ve been doing it for so long we are VERY good at it. So you can vape our NZ made e-liquids with the knowledge that you’re vaping the best products available in the country.

NZ vape studies have proven that high nicotine e-liquids are more effective than patches, gum and other nicotine replacement products. We’ve always known that NICOTINE is the key to what people want. So we have built our business as a responsible provider of e-cigarettes and have e-liquids in varying levels to suit all users.
Additionally, we actively work with NZ lawmakers, public health, Ministry of Health and Health Promotion Agency, the National Institute for Health Innovation and more (that’s not an easy feat!), to ensure that our data is accurate. So throughout your journey to freedom please remember; we are vapers too, and we all started somewhere. So we are well aware of how helpful some good support can be – especially in the early days. If you are ever stuck or have any questions you can always contact us for info and/or advice. We are here to help!

Buy the best E-liquid NZ wide from local nicotine suppliers – NZVAPOR

NZ’s first ISO certified E-liquid factory

NZVAPOR make the best e-liquid, made specifically for smokers! We were smokers too so we understand that NZ vapers need a reliable supply of premium nicotine based e-liquids. So we have worked VERY hard on the supply chain, and even built our own manufacturing plant!

NZ’s first Grade 5 ISO accredited E-liquid lab.
Yes, you read that right – NZVAPOR’s clean room has been accredited by ISO as a GRADE 5 PHARMACEUTICAL LABORATORY! The very first one in New Zealand! In fact, as far as we know; our lab is actually the only pharmaceutical grade e-liquid lab in the southern hemisphere! What does GRADE 5 ISO mean? It means we are actually cleaner than a surgery. Grade 5 is 30 times cleaner than a grade 8, which is the minimum standard for clean rooms. That’s actually a really hard thing to do, so yip – we’re pretty proud. That means that when you purchase our e-liquids; you are able to be absolutely 100% certain that there are NO unexpected contaminants – We work hard, so you have peace of mind! Since 2012 we have refined our policies, products and procedures. Our techniques and facilities are registered and we ALWAYS strive to be the best. So when you purchase from us, just remember – NZVAPOR officially has the cleanest facility in NZ (and possibly the southern hemisphere).

Vape to stop smoking for good.

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Vaping is up to 90% cheaper than smoking

The enjoyable pastime known as vaping will save the smoker about 80-90% of smoking costs – you can vape full time for around $5-$7 a week (Based on 20 cigarettes a day puff rate). There are also many health effects (which the NZ Medicines act stops us from explaining – but please do some homework!).
Vaping with NZVAPOR is cheaper, easier and far, far better! We are set up so you can buy all of your e-cigarette hardware and e-liquid supplies in NZ, quickly and easily – All from the one place… Easy! STOP SMOKING, ITS GROSS! SMOKING KILLS! SMOKING STINKS! SMOKING IS EXPENSIVE! You don’t need to put yourself through that anymore. Choose NZVAPOR and change your life!