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Here is a good story from PBS News which shows both sides of the opinion void. Unfortunately the video shows the opinion void is exactly that; a bloody big void.

It is absolutely key that we, the vaping community here in NZ work hard so that we can not be pushed around when the penny finally drops, and the big tobacco companies start throwing their billions around, making our soft footed leaders dance like puppets.

The more legal operations like NZVAPOR there are in NZ the more we can fight the bullies when they come to town. NZVAPOR do not shy away from the Ministry of Health etc as we do not break rules, we try to work with them.


Be careful in your choice of nicotine supplier in NZ! Some stores and their customers are feeling the heat!

“VAPE” - The 2014 Oxford Dictionary Word Of The Year!

Oxford Dictionary name "VAPE" the word of the year!

Good old Oxford Dictionary have always been good at spotting trends. Last year their Word of the Year was “Selfie”, and look what happened there!

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