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The big question: Where to buy electronic cigarettes in NZ?

Good news! stock a huge range of vaping products in NZ! 

A new range of high VG e-liquids released by NZVAPOR

The new high VG e-liquid compliments the popular range of NV Juice range


Thousands of us have quit smoking with e-cigarettes!

Lets tell the decision makers, so they know how well it worked.

NZVAPOR – Sole e-cigarette and e-liquid provider to NIHI

ASCEND-II is a randomised-controlled clinical trial to evaluate the effectiveness and safety of combining nicotine patches with e-cigarettes.

NZVAPOR’s interview with TJI - “I believe I can help”

In the emerging world of electronic cigarettes it is important to be noticed.

Media have exaggerated the e-liquid v.s. popcorn lung debate

A recent report from Harvard has shown diacetyl to be found in some e-liquid flavours.

But the media seem to have missed the comparative data and have blown the whole thing way out of proportion - which could lead to problems.

Is suppressing info on e-cigs breaking healthcare rights?

“Will using an e-cigarette help me to quit smoking?”

A question that is often asked.

Want to try e-cigarettes but not sure if they will suit you?

We have upped our game and backed our gear with a full 30 Day Money Back Guarantee!

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