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How You Can Keep Your Vape Juice Fresh & Flavourful Longer
Have you ever grabbed a bottle of vape juice from your collection at home only to realise it’s gone bad? You may have found the liquid has turned a darker colour, the flavour is off, or it just doesn’t seem to be providing the usual nicotine hit. This can be very frustrating, especially if your favo.. STOCK E-CIGS IN NZ – WHERE TO BUY E-CIGS

The big question: Where to buy electronic cigarettes in NZ?

Good news! stock a huge range of vaping products in NZ! 

Our nicotine e-liquid is shipped all around the world!
If you want ‘ready to vape’ nicotine e-liquid, you’re in luck! We can send our e-liquids pretty much anywhere in the world!  The list below shows the countries that we are CURRENTLY sending nicotine e-juice to (as at January 2016).  If you would like to purchase our e-liqu..
A new range of high VG e-liquids released by NZVAPOR

The new high VG e-liquid compliments the popular range of NV Juice range sell nicotine e-liquid 100% legally

From day 1 we knew the key was to get nicotine e-liquid to our people.

The hard part was doing it without breaking the law!

Check out our latest e-cigarette review by Bosslevel NZ

Our e-cigarettes have received another great independent review!

This time our iStick/Kangertech Starter Kit was reviewed – And we’re stoked!


Who wants to join the electronic cigarette party? BAT do, thats who.

British American Tobacco (BAT) have just signed a conditional agreement to buy Polish electronic cigarette manufacturer CHIC.


Electronic cigarettes have been endorsed by Public Health Officials in England!

And what's more - They have said e-cigarettes are much healthier than traditional cigarettes AND can help smokers quit! Wow!

This is great news, the UK is the second largest vaping market in the world!

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