Kiwiana flavoured e-liquid

NZ e-liquid that's chur farr wicked!

Make the most of Pacific Tobacco, local fruits or everybody's favourite confectionary. These choices are so Kiwi, they nearly got put in the hangi for kai time! Kia ora bro!

NZVAPOR SPECIALISE IN NICOTINE E-JUICES - DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR SMOKERS, BY (EX)SMOKERS. Our NV Juice range offers a huge vape production without compromising the throat hit, so you get the satisfying feeling of puffing the old ciggies, just without the negatives! 

All our e-liquids are AFNOR compliant, made with AMERICAN ingredients. We have been VERY selective with the choice of flavours that we offer, it is important that there are no unexpected 'spin off' chemicals or un-necessary tank issues, so you can enjoy the BEST vaping experience possible. retail, distribute and manufacture our own e-liquids from raw ingredients. So we know exactly what is in them! Be wary of cheap imitations! BUY E-JUICE IN NZ LEGALLY - DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURERS and choose only the best!



30ml - Hikareti e-juice is a premium tropical tobacco blended vape which offers the full, complex flavours of a real cigarette. The natural woody u...


30ml - Kiwi AZ! e-juice tastes exactly as it should; like fresh, ripe New Zealand Kiwifruit. The sweet, zesty flavour is tasted all the way th...

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