Uwell Pods & Tanks

Uwell has a vision of becoming the most valuable vape brand in the world—and they’re doing a good job so far! After the successful beginnings of the Crown line, Uwell dropped the Caliburn in 2019—an instant-game changer—becoming a global sensation. Uwell has continued to develop their craft, designing the innovative KOKO Prime/Caliburn G pods and powerful Uwell Crown tank to deliver a premium, unbeatable vaping experience. We stock all of Uwell’s latest pods and tanks so you can pop it in your device and get back to vaping!

If your Uwell KOKO Prime or Caliburn G pods have seen better days, grab a replacement pod, pop in the coil, and voila! Incredible flavour. Just copped the new Caliburn A2? Pick up the A2 pods here so you’re never caught off guard with a burnt pod. Into the big sub-ohm clouds? We’ve got two of the incredible Uwell Crown tanks to get those huge clouds.

Haven’t got your device yet? You’re in the wrong place! Browse our vape starter kits to find your device today.