Tanks & Vape Pods

Tanks and pods are a crucial part of vape anatomy. They hold the E-liquid, letting it soak into the coil and produce the throat-hitting, flavourful, cloud magic that is vapour. Whether you’re a pro vaper that likes to mix and match their mods and tanks, or your butterfingers just dropped the glass again—we’ve got a huge range of replacement tanks and pods to get you vaping again.

Worn out your Caliburn G/KOKO Prime pod? You can find a dual pack here. Grab the hearty SKRR-S Vaporesso tank, with a quadflow air distribution system, crafted for a spit back-free, zero-crackling, premium vaping experience.

All tanks and pods from NZVAPOR are high-quality, genuine vape products, sourced from trusted suppliers. Whether you’re a sub-ohm vaper after a new tank or just have to stock up on some vape pods in NZ, we’ve got everything you need to create the ultimate vaping experience.

Browse our full range of tanks and vape pods below.