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Photo essay: Behind the scenes at one of New Zealand's top vaping factories (STUFF)
QJ Satchell puts on a laboratory coat and enters the "cool room," strolling towards a large machine in the corner that looks like something out of a space film.It's a white, sterile environment that feels like a hospital. But QJ isn't a scientist or a doctor. He's the owner of a vape company, an occ..
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Vaping business booming in New Zealand
With a surge in people wanting to quit smoking, the vaping business is booming in New Zealand.Advocates say it's a healthier and cheaper option for those wanting to stub out the smokes.For Josh McNally, the fog has finally cleared. Having given up his 15-year smoking habit, he's switched to vaping."..
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Crack Down on Vaping in New Zealand (SUPERMARKET NEWS)
The Ministry of Health is amid discussions with NZVAPOR to implement new rules and standards for the vaping industry in New Zealand.Both NZVAPOR and The Ministry of Health are confident that the standardization of the vaping industry will be a good thing for New Zealanders. QJ Satchell, Managing Dir..
So you’re ready to talk to your teenager about vaping
Parents of teens these days have to worry about so much. Alcohol, drugs, bullying, mental illness, underage sex, school stress, smoking … and vaping? Whether you’re a vaper or not, your kids are probably exposed to vapes and vaping through the media or their friend circle. That means there will c..
Your Complete Vape Dictionary: V-Z
We continue with the Vape Dictionary, giving you definitions for all the common vaping terms you’ll come across. Check out the opther glossaries – A-C, D-G, H-L, M-N, O-R and S-U. V Vaper – you! Vaper’s Tongue – When you vape one flavour of e-juice so much, you stop being able to taste ..
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