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So you’ve decided you want to vape – congratulations. Welcome to the wonderful world of e-cigarettes. Once you experience the benefits of vaping over smoking (less second-hand smoke, decreased negative health impacts, cheaper) you won’t even contemplate going back. When you first look on our webs..
Can’t or won’t quit smoking? Harm reduction should be your goal
In 2007 the Royal College of Physicians published a report explaining that since it’s not the nicotine in cigarettes – but the other chemicals and components that make up the cigarette – that health professional could improve the health of smokers by adopting a policy of “harm reduction.” This is..
Safer than smoking? The truth about vaping
In 2016, the Tobacco Advisory ground in the UK made a report to the Royal College of Physicians looking into the health ramifications of vaping versus smoking. Their report serves as a crucial piece of evidence in the fight against misinformation about vaping in the media. According to their rese..
Do e-cigarettes set off fire alarms?
This is a common question new vapers ask us. As a vaper, you need to be aware that while your vape doesn’t pose the risk to colleagues, housemates, and family of cigarette smoke, there are other considerations. No one wants to have smoke alarms beeping at all times of the day or night because they l..
Mouth-To-Lung vs Direct-to-Lung inhaling
If you’re coming to vaping from smoking, you’ll probably start off inhaling in exactly the same way. However, if you’re committed to sticking to vaping, you might find it worthwhile to experiment with different inhaling techniques. We look at the differences between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lu..
Smoking vs Vaping – a cost comparison
Of all the myriad reasons to quit smoking – and we’ve already outlined several – one key reason is that smoking is getting increasingly more expensive. If you aren’t ready to quit for the health of your body, perhaps you might consider quitting for the health of your wallet. Perhaps you’ve heard ..
Formaldehyde in e-cigarettes – what are the facts?
The anti-vape brigade is always at it, trying to scream at the world that using e-cigarettes will cause cancer. One such article from The Sun warns of dangerous substances – including formaldehyde – present in vapor. Formaldehyde, of course, is the chemical used to preserve bodies during embalmi..
New study reveals more people are quitting smoking thanks to vaping
The CDC recently released a study showing that more people in the USA are using vaping to help them quit smoking than patches, gum, and other FDA-approved methods. To conduct the research, more than 15,000 subjects were surveyed online from 2014-2016 about their attempts to quit smoking prior to ..
How vaping can help you deal with nicotine withdrawal when you quit smoking
Quitting smoking can be a real drag, literally. Because nicotine is addictive, your brain is used to getting that hit. When you suddenly deprive it of the nicotine through quitting cold turkey or dramatically reducing your intake, you’ll experience nicotine withdrawal. The symptoms of nicotine..
Should you choose a high VG vape juice?
When shopping for vape juices, it can be hard to know where to begin. There are so many choices – one such choice is the option of a high VG vape juice. VG stands for Vegetable Glycerin, and it’s one of the common ingredients used in juices to carry the flavour and nicotine. Most vape juices cont..
Question: Will vaping hurt my pets?
Many vapers are pet owners – we love hanging out with our furry friends. That’s why we sometimes get asked it vaping around pets is a bad idea. Of course, smoking around your pets has always frowned upon. Many of us forget that all the harmful effects of secondhand smoke can affect our pets. Vapi..
Which PG/VG e-juice is right for you?
If you hang around vapers a lot (and you should – we’re awesome people), you’ll hear a lot of talk about high-PG and high-VG e-juices. You may be left wondering what the hell everyone is going on about. Well, wonder no more. We use the acronyms PG and VG to refer to propylene glycol and vegetable..
How Vape Nation benefited the vaping community
If you haven’t heard of Vape Nation, it’s a viral comedy skit produced by H3H3 Productions. Our intrepid host Ethan Klein as he visits his favorite vape hangouts and blows “fat vape clouds.” The show’s insanely popular, with millions of hits. The hashtag #vapenation has more than 4 million posts,..
Our top High-VG vape e-juice flavours
Many vapers love high-VG juices. A high-VG juice produces big clouds, making them great for doing vape tricks. If you don’t like the harsh-throat hit of high-PG juices, or you prefer direct inhale vaping, then high-VG is the right choice for you. If you have never used high VG liquids before just..

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