Your Complete Vape Dictionary: A-C
Beginners to the world of vaping can find the lingo quite overwhelming. There are so many new terms to learn and apply. Articles about vaping online often assume some level of prior knowledge, so skip over descriptions that help vaping newbies figure out what’s going on. We’ve created this vaping..
A new study shows vaping causes NO long-term lung damage
As more and more studies are emerging showing that vaping is a useful tool to help quit smoking, detractors are finding new things to complain about. The common claim is that not enough is known about the “long-term” effects of vaping. Without this knowledge, they claim, no one can in good consci..
Taiwan proposing to ban sale of e-cigarettes
As leaders in global e-cigarette and e-juice space, we believe it’s important to keep tabs on international politics and laws around vaping. Usually, this means staring at the computer screen in disbelief as another country passes a law based on heresy and misinformation. This week, it’s Taiwan. ..
4 more reasons you might experience a leaking vape tank
In our last article, we looked at three common reasons why a vape tank might be leaking. You guys pointed out that there are a few other common reasons for leakage that we didn’t cover. So here they are, with ways you can prevent them: 1. Replace the gaskets The gaskets or O-rings in your vape ser..
Help, my vape tank is leaking!
If you’ve ever had a vape tank leak, you know how annoying it is. You reach into your pocket to grab your vape, and your hand comes away all slippery. Anything else in your pocket – phone, glasses, essential post-it notes – are also wet from leaked juice. If you want to rescue your vape gear, you..
How to deal with other smokers once you quit smoking
One of the biggest reasons people relapse into smoking after they’ve quit is because they see or hang out with someone who lights up. Seeing someone else smoking triggers all those cravings. If you’re in a social setting where a lot of people are smoking, it can be tough to keep your resolve when..
Do you need to cleanse your lungs after you quit smoking?
Smoking is tough on your entire body, but it’s especially hard on your poor lungs. Many people who quit smoking notice pain in their lungs – even after you quit, your lungs are still damaged, so this pain is normal. While carbon monoxide levels in your body return to normal in the first twelve hours..
How to spot a fake e-cigarette
When any product becomes popular or something new disrupts an established market, fakes and counterfeiters are quick to swoop in. Unscrupulous people steal ideas, copy products, slap fake labels on, and try to make a quick buck. Unfortunately, this type of behaviour is rife in the e-cigarette ind..
Rediscovering taste and smell after you quit smoking
One of the best things about quitting smoking is being able to taste food properly again. I love to eat, and I had no idea when I used to smoke just what I was missing out on, until I quit. Inhaling smoke from cigarettes exposes your nasal passage and taste buds to a range of harmful chemicals. T..
What to do if you fall off the quit smoking wagon?
You’ve been taking all the steps, reading the books, using the substitutes, and you’re feeling pretty damn good about your efforts to give up smoking. That is, until you head out to a party and your friends are all lighting up. The temptation is too much, and you end up having a smoke. One can’t hur..
Why choose mouth-to-lung vaping?
There are two main methods for vaping: mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung. We’ve already discussed the differences in a previous article. Today, we’re going to take a look at mouth-to-lung vaping and why many vapers still love it. Mouth-to-lung vaping was the primary method for vaping, before the pr..
More US teens are vaping than smoking, according to recent study
A recent study across the US has found that more teenagers are trying vaping than cigarettes. While this is great news for those of us who are passionate about keeping kids and teens away from the addictive and damaging qualities of cigarettes, the media in the US is – of course – painting this as a..
Is your vape making popping or crackling sounds? This could be why
We get lots of troubleshooting questions from vapers, and a common one from beginners is that their vape is making a popping sound. Many people are worried this means their vape pen is somehow broken or malfunctioning. I can understand why that would be a worry! But you can relax, because most of..
A short history of vaping
Although vaping in the modern sense has really only been around since 2002, vaping actually has a very ancient history. The Ancient Egyptians used hot stones to vape concoctions of herbs in order to cleanse the mind, cure disease and induce a religious state. People in the Middle East and India h..

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