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What to do if you fall off the quit smoking wagon?
You’ve been taking all the steps, reading the books, using the substitutes, and you’re feeling pretty damn good about your efforts to give up smoking. That is, until you head out to a party and your friends are all lighting up. The temptation is too much, and you end up having a smoke. One can’t hur..
Why choose mouth-to-lung vaping?
There are two main methods for vaping: mouth-to-lung or direct-to-lung. We’ve already discussed the differences in a previous article. Today, we’re going to take a look at mouth-to-lung vaping and why many vapers still love it. Mouth-to-lung vaping was the primary method for vaping, before the pr..
More US teens are vaping than smoking, according to recent study
A recent study across the US has found that more teenagers are trying vaping than cigarettes. While this is great news for those of us who are passionate about keeping kids and teens away from the addictive and damaging qualities of cigarettes, the media in the US is – of course – painting this as a..
Is your vape making popping or crackling sounds? This could be why
We get lots of troubleshooting questions from vapers, and a common one from beginners is that their vape is making a popping sound. Many people are worried this means their vape pen is somehow broken or malfunctioning. I can understand why that would be a worry! But you can relax, because most of..
A short history of vaping
Although vaping in the modern sense has really only been around since 2002, vaping actually has a very ancient history. The Ancient Egyptians used hot stones to vape concoctions of herbs in order to cleanse the mind, cure disease and induce a religious state. People in the Middle East and India h..
Tips to help you quit smoking
Congratulations on deciding to quit smoking! You’ve taken the first step in a long process that will hopefully see you on a healthier, happier path. We’ve written extensively on our blog about the research around the best ways to quit smoking, but read all the material yourself and make up your m..
What is a dry hit, and how can you avoid it?
Ever get a gross, burnt taste in your mouth when you vape? That’s called a Dry Hit, and we vapers hate them. One dry hit can ruin a vape you were looking forward to all day. For beginners, it’s a bit confusing trying to understand what causes a dry hit, and how to best avoid it. Some of you don’t..
Got a burnt taste when you vape? Here’s how to solve it
You’re hanging out for a vape, so you raise your pen to your lips and …. ewwww. A horrible burnt taste reaches your taste buds. No thank you. That gross taste is a burnt coil, and when it happens, you’ll definitely know it. If you’re getting these burnt coils too often for comfort, then we’ve got..
5 Ideal Christmas Gifts for the Vaper in Your Life
Christmas is just around the corner. If you have a vaper in your life, we’ve got the perfect Christmas gift for them! Check these out: For newbie vapers: Fizzberry e-juiceFizzberry is one of our most popular e-juice flavours. Get a hit of fizzy, sherbetty, raspberry happiness. Remember, our vape..
Tips for cleaning your vape pen
If you want to get a consistently delicious flavour, then you need to maintain and clean your vape pen. After each vape, e-juice builds up in the tank or chamber. Over time this juice can burn and give off a gross flavour and it can also cause issues with your pen that might make it malfunction. ..
Vaping while travelling: how to bring your vape with you wherever you go.
Travelling is one of the great joys in life. Being able to take off to explore ancient ruins, navigate bustling cities, meander through unique natural landscapes and have crazy adventures help us all to learn more about the world around us. While you’re travelling, you may want to vape. This mean..
What the FDA’s new regulations mean for vaping
We all know that research suggests vaping is a great tool to help people quit smoking. Despite this, both media and regulatory bodies frequently use scaremongering tactics that paint vaping as a dangerous and harmful industry. In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration in the US made a ruling that..
A new Californian study proves vaping helps smokers quit
One of the big reasons that vaping is still not completely mainstream is the vilification we experience at the hands of the media. Medical studies are often twisted to present vaping in a bad light, and even health professionals are hesitant to recommend vaping as an alternative to smoking, often ci..
Vaping documentaries you should check out
These days you can find a documentary about practically anything. Just last week Netflix was trying to talk me into watching a doco about Adolf Hitler’s armoured train. Yes, a train. It had armour. Apparently this warranted much discussion. Maybe I’m just one of the few people in the world who do..

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