What the FDA’s new regulations mean for vaping
We all know that research suggests vaping is a great tool to help people quit smoking. Despite this, both media and regulatory bodies frequently use scaremongering tactics that paint vaping as a dangerous and harmful industry. In 2016, the Food and Drug Administration in the US made a ruling that vaping products were to be considered “tobacco products” under the Tobacco Control Act. Not only does this mean that labelling and package restrictions now apply to US vape products, but manufacturers have to submit a Pre-Market Tobacco Application (PMTA) for every product that’s made after Feb 15t..
A new Californian study proves vaping helps smokers quit
One of the big reasons that vaping is still not completely mainstream is the vilification we experience at the hands of the media. Medical studies are often twisted to present vaping in a bad light, and even health professionals are hesitant to recommend vaping as an alternative to smoking, often citing lack of evidence that vaping actually helps smokers quit. A recent study from the University of California San Diego may change all that. The vaping study The study surveyed over 160,000 people to find out if vaping played a part in them quitting smoking. They found that the smoking cessat..
Vaping documentaries you should check out
These days you can find a documentary about practically anything. Just last week Netflix was trying to talk me into watching a doco about Adolf Hitler’s armoured train. Yes, a train. It had armour. Apparently this warranted much discussion. Maybe I’m just one of the few people in the world who don’t find trains all that interesting. Speaking of interesting, I’ve found some vaping documentaries you actually WILL want to watch. The more popular vaping becomes, the more the media are looking to the products and the culture to find a new story. Filmmakers – many of whom enjoy vaping – are he..
Musicians are switching from smoking to vaping, and we reckon it’s awesome
Sex, drugs, and rock’n’roll. The image of the musician’s life fueled by excess has always included cigarettes. Lemmy Kilmister, Keith Richards, Axl Rose, Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Ville Valo … so many musicians constantly photographed with a cigarette hanging from their lips. Fans emulate the image, and many smokers start on cigarettes because they saw their favourite band doing it. That’s why we think it’s awesome to see so many more musicians (as well as celebrities) embracing vaping. Because so many smokers (especially young smokers) look up to musicians, it’s great to see them presenting ..
Vaping hits Hollywood: celebrities who love to vape
Since Hollywood is one of the outlets responsible for romanticising cigarette smoking. Tinsel Town loves to dodge responsibility by stating that art doesn’t influence culture, rather that it mirrors society. Smoking came before Clark Gable and Cary Grant and Katharine Hepburn, and so these actors smoked on screen. Thankfully, there are some celebrities (as well as musicians) who are going against the grain and are embracing the vape. Here are some celebrities who’ve been spotted vaping: Johnny Depp Depp was responsible for one of the first ever on-screen appearances of vaping in publi..
10 MORE vaping tips for beginners
At NZVAPOR, we’ve all been vaping for years. In fact, we were vaping before the question mark was even invented .... just kidding. :) We have been at this a long time, though. One thing we love to see is when beginners discover vaping. It’s exciting seeing people tossing away their cigarettes and becoming passionate about vaping. There’s no elitist attitude here – we love to help newbies. We’ve already published an article on vaping tips for beginners. I’ve got the whole team to contribute some more vaping tips to help you get the best vape experience possible: 1. Always check th..
So you’ve decided you want to vape – congratulations. Welcome to the wonderful world of e-cigarettes. Once you experience the benefits of vaping over smoking (less second-hand smoke, decreased negative health impacts, cheaper) you won’t even contemplate going back. When you first look on our website at the selection of starter kits, you’d be forgiven for feeling a little overwhelmed. We’ve created this article to give you the low-down on what your choices are and where to begin with vaping. For more tips for beginners, see our articles here and here. When choosing your e-cigarette starter ..
Can’t or won’t quit smoking? Harm reduction should be your goal
In 2007 the Royal College of Physicians published a report explaining that since it’s not the nicotine in cigarettes – but the other chemicals and components that make up the cigarette – that health professional could improve the health of smokers by adopting a policy of “harm reduction.” This is a change from the common rhetoric around smoking, which strives to push smokers to quit. It acknowledges that some smokers can’t or won’t quit. The RCP recognised that ideally, quitting is the best solution, but if it’s not possible, then harm reduction can rapidly improve the health and wellbeing ..
Safer than smoking? The truth about vaping
In 2016, the Tobacco Advisory ground in the UK made a report to the Royal College of Physicians looking into the health ramifications of vaping versus smoking. Their report serves as a crucial piece of evidence in the fight against misinformation about vaping in the media. According to their research, smoking is the biggest avoidable cause of death, disability, and social inequality in the health sector in the UK. Half of all lifelong smokers in the UK die as a direct result of their smoking. That’s not to mention the harm secondhand smoke does to their family members and other people in th..
Do e-cigarettes set off fire alarms?
This is a common question new vapers ask us. As a vaper, you need to be aware that while your vape doesn’t pose the risk to colleagues, housemates, and family of cigarette smoke, there are other considerations. No one wants to have smoke alarms beeping at all times of the day or night because they live or work with a vaper! Generally speaking, because you’re exhaling a vapor and not smoke, you’re e-cigarette shouldn’t set off smoke alarms. However, like everything else in the world, it’s never as simple as that. Different types of smoke alarms There are actually different types of smoke d..
Mouth-To-Lung vs Direct-to-Lung inhaling
If you’re coming to vaping from smoking, you’ll probably start off inhaling in exactly the same way. However, if you’re committed to sticking to vaping, you might find it worthwhile to experiment with different inhaling techniques. We look at the differences between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping, and which one is your preferred approach: Mouth to Lung vaping “Mouth-to-lung” is how you smoke a cigarette – by drawing the smoke into your mouth, then inhaling it into your lungs. This is how most smokers inhale when they start vaping, which makes perfect sense. Here are some tips..
Smoking vs Vaping – a cost comparison
Of all the myriad reasons to quit smoking – and we’ve already outlined several – one key reason is that smoking is getting increasingly more expensive. If you aren’t ready to quit for the health of your body, perhaps you might consider quitting for the health of your wallet. Perhaps you’ve heard that vaping is cheaper than smoking, and you’re a bit skeptical. After all, vaping requires a new contraption (the vape kit) and refills of e-juice. Surely that’s going to be more expensive than cigarettes? We take a look at the cost of vaping vs smoking, and give you the final answer on what wil..
Formaldehyde in e-cigarettes – what are the facts?
The anti-vape brigade is always at it, trying to scream at the world that using e-cigarettes will cause cancer. One such article from The Sun warns of dangerous substances – including formaldehyde – present in vapor. Formaldehyde, of course, is the chemical used to preserve bodies during embalming, so it presents a grisly image to think it’s in your vape. That’s exactly the image these articles are praying on, trying to scare consumers out of using e-cigarettes. First of all, what you think you know about formaldehyde is probably not true. Just because it’s used in embalming doesn’t mea..
New study reveals more people are quitting smoking thanks to vaping
The CDC recently released a study showing that more people in the USA are using vaping to help them quit smoking than patches, gum, and other FDA-approved methods. To conduct the research, more than 15,000 subjects were surveyed online from 2014-2016 about their attempts to quit smoking prior to the survey. More than three-quarters of respondents used more than one method to help them quit. The results showed that of all respondents, 35.3% attempted to cut down using e-cigarettes, and 24.7% attempted to switch completely to vaping. This was compared to nicotine patches or gum (25.4%), sw..
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