Regulated Mod Vs Unregulated Mod: What’s the Difference?
Wanting to up your vaping game and move onto mod vape devices? As you delve deeper into the vaping world, you may hear about regulated and unregulated mods. In this blog post, we explain the differences between these two vape types so you can choose the right device for your skill level. Regula..
What’s in E-Liquid? The Key Components Explained
There is a lot of confusion out there about what e-liquid is really made of. There are two key reasons why it’s important to know what e-liquid contains as a vaper. Firstly, understanding what the ingredients are and how they work together means you won’t fall prey to scaremongering. Secondly, hav..
One of the perks of vaping in New Zealand instead of smoking is all the delicious e-liquid flavours you can try! Are you stuck on one flavour and want to branch out? We have compiled a guide to our top-rated e-juice flavours by category so you can find a new favourite! Read on to learn more about..
As of April 2 this year NZVAPOR will adjust their pricing on their Kiwi Az and VapeJuice ranges from $45 RRP to $35. They are doing this, despite their costs with the new vape regulations, which require different labelling. In relation to this, it may be of interest to know that NZVAPOR is New Zeala..
Vaping to Quit Smoking: Our Most Effective Products
When you start vaping to quit smoking, you may pick up a vape pen or pod for the transition period. These are awesome, simple little devices, which is why they are so popular with beginners. However, if you find that you’re not getting enough kick from a pen or pod, and are thinking of heading back ..
Vape Starter Kits: The Benefits and Best Kits to Try
In this blog post, we explain why a vape starter kit is a great option for beginners and outline the best starter kits to try on your quit smoking journey!
Product Spotlight: SMOK Tanks & Coils

In this product spotlight, we look at the best SMOK coils and vape tanks including sub-ohm, DTL, and MTL options. Find your ideal SMOK gear here.

NZ VAPOR are always looking for ways to entertain their audience and give them a good time, and this month they want to let you know about their new micro game, ‘Drift Boss’. You can find it on their website, under the heading, ‘Show us your Drift Skills’. The aim of the game is to drive and drift a..
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