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To sell nicotine e-liquid in NZ is illegal – we all know that.

But what some don’t know is it actually gets much deeper than what it looks on the surface and to ensure ongoing compliance with NZ laws NZVAPOR has had many hoops to jump through.

From the start we invested in doing it right. We knew early on that our business plan needed to rely on a long term strategy. Breaking the law would enevitably lead to the business being shut down, and that would not be good for us – or our customers.

So how do we do it? Well basically we have to take EVERYTHING that has any link to nicotine e-liquid offshore; sales, manufacture, warehousing, the lot.

That means that the investment and time that was taken to set things up was substantial. We had to open companies, bank accounts, manufacturing plants, warehouses (and others), all outside of NZ. Most of this stuff is hard to do in your own country, not to mention timezone!

Don’t get me wrong, when we look at what has been achieved, all the time and investment has been well worth it. We now have thousands of people who can (and do) say that we have helped them… And that totally makes our day!

Look at it this way; we have gone through and continue to go through all this to stay within the law, while that same law permits the sale and distribution of analogue cigarettes – a product that kills 60% of its users – when used correctly! Talk about frustrating!

Our laws are backwards! Analogue cigarettes should be hard to come by and e-cigarettes should be easy to get. Our people need change! So we’ll keep working on that. We regularly pester the decision makers of this country – another benefit of being legal – we can stick our heads out for our people, without fear of having the rug pulled out from under us.

But the long and short of it all is, NZVAPOR is a brand that is stable, Our clients can have safety in the knowledge that their nicotine e-juice supplier is not going anywhere. We get our people what they need and they all start saving immediately. That’s what its all about.

We are passionate. We are legal. We are here to stay

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