Here is the timetable of the electronic cigarette symposium, showing topics covered and who is running the section:

0900-0915 Mihi, Welcome and introduction - Aims, programme, etc - Why this symposium and why now? - What we are discussing: what are e-cigarettes? - Need for a balanced scientific approach, not driven by ideology - Nigel Chee, Chris Bullen 

0915-0945 Keynote #1: Tobacco harm reduction and e-cigarettes - Wayne Hall 

0945-1005 Current trends in e-cigarette use in NZ - Who is using in e-cigarettes in NZ - Why, how, what sort etc - Judy Li 

1005-1030 Personal health: e-cigarettes for smoking cessation or reduction and safety: Cochrane review findings - Chris Bullen 

1030-1055 Population health – gateway, youth uptake, Second hand exposure, denormalisation, dual use - what is the evidence? - Janet Hoek 

Perspectives on e-cigarettes 

1115-1125 - A vaper’s story - Penny Gee 

1125-1145 - Maori perspectives - Marewa Glover and George Laking 

1145-1210 - Healthcare services and providers - Bruce Bassett and Penny Truman 

1210-1225 - Views and expectations of consumers, healthcare professionals & smoking cessation practitioners - Murray Laugesen 

1225-1240 - Legal perspectives - Anita Killeen and An Hertogen 

1240-1300 - Ministry of Health views on e-cigarette policy, regulation and information needs - Monique Leerschool 

1355-1425 Keynote #2: Ethical issues on e-cigarette policy and regulation - Wayne Hall 

1425-1445 • What are people vaping? Findings from lab analysis of e-cigarettes liquids • Excise, e-cigarettes and nicotine reduction t reduce smoking prevalence by 2025 - Murray Laugesen 

1445-1500 The challenges for research and regulation of product diversity and user behaviours - Oliver Knight West 

1500-1515 Cost price elasticity of e-cigarettes - Randolph Grace 

1530-1615 PANEL SESSION What more information do we need to move forward? What are the frameworks needed to weigh up the evidence? Whose perspectives should we listen to? Regulating e-cigarettes for best public health outcomes Chairs: Nigel Chee and Chris Bullen 

1615-1630 Closing remarks Chris Bullen, Marewa Glover