Your Complete Vape Dictionary: O-R

Your Complete Vape Dictionary: O-R

We continue with the Vape Dictionary, giving you definitions for all the common vaping terms you’ll come across. (See the full Vape Dictionary A-CD-GM-NO-RS-U, and V-Z.)


Ohm – the measurement for electrical resistance. The lower the ohm reading, the thicker the vapor will be. Higher ohm readings mean cooler, thinner vapes.

Organic Cotton – Organic cotton wicks are becoming more popular now that more people are using rebuildable tanks/atomizers. It burns quicker, but gives a clean and intense flavour.


Parallel – Mods that use two parallel batteries, to increase battery life. This doubles the mAh, while voltage and voltage drop remains the same.

Pass-through – If an e-cig has “pass-through” capability, it means you can use it while it’s charging. Some pass-through models don’t have a battery – you use them by plugging a USB cable into a computer or power bank.

PCC – Personal Charging Case. A case you can use to store your e-cigarettes that include an internal battery so you can charge your e-cig.

Pen – these e-cigarettes are shaped like pens, and are designed for noobs.

Personal Vaporizer – another name for e-cigarettes.

Propylene Glycol (PG) – One of the two common substances found in e-liquid. PG is also used in many food items.

Primer – A VG-based solution you can apply to the coil and wick of your atomizer. This stops the coil and wick drying out during shipping and storage.

Protected Batteries – Batteries that have a built-in safety chip.

Priming – This is a technique vapers use before they start vaping from a new atomizer. Add a few drops of liquid and wait a few minutes for the wick to become fully saturated.

Puff – A short, sharp draw on your e-cig.


RBA - rebuildable atomiser. A generic name for a coil that is built by a user and not prebuilt

RDA - Rebuildable drip atomiser. A self-built coil designed for 'dripping'

RDTA - Rebuildable dripping tank atomiser. An RDA with a bigger build deck, normally used with self-built coils

Rebuildables – tanks or atomizers that users rebuild with their own coils and wicks.

Rebuildables are mainly for advanced users who want to adjust resistance or experiment with different setups.

Resistance – Measured in ohms and affected by many factors; the thickness of wire used in a coil, the number of coils, the circumference of the coils, and how thick the coils are wound.

Resistance Wire – a specific kind of metal wire used in coils.

Ribbon Wire – a type of resistance wire used for building coils. It has a flat cross-section to give more surface area for conducting heat to the e-liquid. Users of ribbon wire believe it gives better vapor and flavor production than the more common round version.

RTA - Rebuildable tank atomiser. A tank with a self-built coil in it

Whew! There are so many terms! Did you learn something new about vaping from the glossary?

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