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Check out our latest e-cigarette review by Bosslevel NZ


Check out our latest e-cigarette review by Bosslevel NZ

A few months ago we released a new range of e-cigarettes in NZ. grabbed one of our iStick/Subtank e-cigarette kits and got reviewing!

The iStick Electronic Cigarette Combo is a high range, premium kit, designed to blow big clouds all day! The team at Bosslevel NZ put it through its paces (along with a bottle of Blackberry Moonshine e-juice) and gave us a great review – 5 out of 5! 


The iStick E-cigarette Combo kit comprises of a Kangertech Subtank Mini tank and an iStick 30w e-cig battery. These two parts were matched after a whole lot of testing by NZVAPOR. We took everything into account: flavour production, cloud production, battery life, overall power, size, componentry efficiency, looks, – we even looked at max temps which flows on to health and safety.


A big thanks to the team at Bosslevel NZ for the e-cigarette review. And to say thanks to the readers who got this far – we are offering a 15% discount on this e-cig kit, but be quick, it is only available until 31st October 2015. 

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