Author - Hindujhan

Which vape flavour is best for winter - Woman vaping outdoors in winter clothing

Which Vape Flavour Is Best For Winter?

Winter is on its way, and we’re already starting to feel the chill. It’s time to put that menthol vape juice in the drawer and find some great vape flavours to have in winter. If you're wondering which vape flavour is best for cold wintery days, we explore that here! We’re focusing...

Vape parts on table

Vape Anatomy: Pods & Mods

Even for those who have been vaping for years, the various parts of vape devices can be confusing to understand. Knowing the basics of vape anatomy will help you to find the appropriate parts for your device and have an enjoyable vaping experience. From the different coil options to the...

Pod vape device in hand

Bringing Your Vape Pen Back to Life

Nothing is worse than going to have a puff of your favourite premixed nicotine vape juice but ending up with the vape burning your throat. Whether the vapour isn’t quite tasting right, or the device isn’t working at all, there are a few things you should try before purchasing your...