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Creamy E-Juice

Thick, creamy and delicious. We really know how to make a nice creamy vape juice!

Wether you like them sweet, ice-creamy, or you prefer more of the savoury touch; we have a great range of creamy vape liquids to suit your preferences.

From January 2024 due to NZ regulation, the new name for the product is changing to VAPURE CREAMERIE RASPBERRY CREAM

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  • VAPURE SALTS Razz Ripple

  • VAPURE Banoffee Pie

  • Bluebake Vape Juice

  • Full Custardy Vape Juice

  • My Sweet Missy Vape Juice

  • VAPE JUICE SALTS My Sweet Missy

  • Sweet Factory Milk Bottles

  • Sweet Factory Milk Bottles 100ml

  • MBV Blue Moo Vape Juice

  • MBV French Vanilla Vape Juice



There is a certain enjoyment in thick, creamy and delicious flavours. It is no different, and perhaps even greater appreciated in vaping, a pastime immensely impacted by the tastes and preferences of the customer – the vaper. We get it, which is why NZVAPOR is the go-to vape shop online in Australia with creamy e-liquids for our customers to choose from.

From smoother vape flavour options to full-hit vape varieties, NZVAPOR has creamy vape flavours that cover each end of the spectrum and everything in between. We are NZ and abroad’s leading choice to enhance and help you get the most out of your vaping experience.

At NZVAPOR, we carry dozens of five-star rated creamy e-liquids, but we also carry several other vape juice flavours and brands worth checking out.

We put a great deal of attention and resources into quality at NZVAPOR. We feature a balanced mixture of vape juices sourced directly from our own brands and high-quality options from amongst our carefully selected partner brands.

Make NZVAPOR your single stop for finding the perfect creamy vape juice. Don’t ruin your experience with lower-quality options or lesser-involved retailers who don’t take the time or attention to hand-pick the best products as we do at NZVAPOR.

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