Spring Is in The Air: 5 E-liquid Flavours Perfect for Spring

Bearded man vaping during springtime

The weather is warming up, days are getting longer, and spring is officially in the air; what better way to celebrate than by stocking up on some deliciously sweet E-juices? From fruity menthol E-liquids, to dessert nic salts for your pod starter kit, we break down some of our favourite vape juices that’ll put an extra spring in your step.

1. Chillberry VapeJuice

This is another one for the sub-ohm vapers, craving that smooth hit. This delicious high VG juice is made with nicotine salts to bring that higher level of nicotine, with a smoother throat hit. Chillberry is one of the best by VapeJuice—especially for spring—with the cool taste of raspberry menthol, complemented by a unique cotton candy flavour.

This liquid delivers the irresistibly sweet, frozen blast of flavour on inhale, followed by that berrylicious flavour that puts that spring in your step. This is that perfect mix of fruit, dessert, and menthol, all in one! Better stock up on this one quick!

2. Trap Queen by NASTY

It’s safe to say Fetty Wap was likely talking about this mouth-watering Nasty Salt Trap Queen back in 2015. Nasty has brought out all the stops on this flavour; it tastes as sweet as it smells, transporting you into the middle of a strawberry field. Feel the full spring fantasy and fuel your craving for your favourite fruit with the bursting flavour.

This flavour is will get you more hyped for summer than anything, with a mouth-watering taste that’ll make you forget winter even happened. You’ll feel like you’ve taken a bite of the sweetest strawberry you’ve ever tasted, with a smooth throat hit that’ll just leave you wanting more.

3. Tu-Meke by Kiwi Az

Just because you’re using a sub-ohm device, doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the smooth taste of nic salts—Kiwi Az brings it with the high VG Tu-Meke juice made with nicotine salts. This thick E-liquid is perfect for any large vape mod and brings with it the irresistible taste of fresh berries, with a splash of lychee, to deliver you nicotine in the sweetest way possible.

Kiwi Az knows how to bring that fresh NZ taste. This liquid is perfect for those days outdoors, giving you that rush of fruity flavour as you’re enjoying the warm spring days—Tu-Meke will get you pumped up for the summer days that are yet to come.

4. Mango Mango by VAPURE SALTS

Burst into spring with that double mango flavour! This NZVAPOR original, VAPURE Mango Mango, is full of fresh flavour—crafted to absolute perfection. This juice is light and sweet but still delivers that full mango flavour with that high delivery of nicotine.

If you’re new to vaping or only just branching out to the fruity flavours—mango is the best place to start. Who doesn’t love mangoes? Ditch the nasty smokes and try some Mango Mango. Just close your eyes and feel the taste of spring.

5. Mixed Berries by Illicit Vapes

Taste the vape equivalent of blooming flowers and bright-coloured birds shooting across the sky, with the explosion of Mixed Berries. Illicit vapes is known for their delicious range of flavours and mixed berries will take you on a journey through the wild forest of flavour—your tastebuds will thank you later. Just don’t let your friends try this one or they’ll be stealing your juice all day long!

Mixed berries’ flavour is a combination that you won’t soon forget, the perfect way to ease out of the winter chill and into the warm spring days, with its unique burst of tasty berries.

Find the Sweet Taste of Spring at NZVAPOR

These are some unforgettable spring flavours out there, but they’re just the beginning. We stock an incredible range of freebase and nicotine salt E-liquid, to bring (ex)smokers the hit of nicotine, without the nasty health risks that cigarettes pose. Whether you’re looking for a new flavour to match the season, or you’re just exploring what’s out there—you can find it at NZVAPOR. Browse our full range of vape products online today.

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