You may already know, millions of people around the world have taken up vaping as a way to STOP SMOKING, and as a result many of these ‘vapers’ have successfully stopped smoking – FOR GOOD!

We believe that NICOTINE is the key to what people want. So we have built our business as a responsible provider of nicotine e-cigarettes and e-liquids – WE GET YOU WHAT YOU WANT.

Over the last 10 years our Managing Director has actively worked with NZ lawmakers, Policy Makers and key Tobacco Control members, to open the vaping industry for good. He lead the charge when it came to vaping advocacy and played a key role in the standardisation of the industry. What does that mean? It means we are not disappearing on you any time soon!

NZVAPOR.com is a convenient one stop NZ vape shop, you can easily get everything you need to vape right here, quickly and reliably!

Here at NZVAPOR we have a simple goal – We want to help YOU make the change! We work very closely with universities, Smoking Cessation Programmes and authorities and we know a lot about how we can support YOU.

Throughout your journey to freedom please remember; we are vapers too, and we all started somewhere. So we are well aware of how helpful some good support can be – especially in the early days. If you are ever stuck or have any questions you can always contact us for info and/or advice. We are here to help!

Choose from our range of electronic cigarettes, buy e-Juice (nicotine and nicotine free), and learn how to start vaping with our awesome e-cigarette starter kits.

We’re vaping NZ better with E-cigarettes!

Because NZVAPOR is solely focussed on NZ smokers we tick all the boxes:

  • Get nicotine! After all that’s what you want from a cigarette right? We just give it to you without the cost, tars, carbons and many other yuckies).
  • SAVE THOUSANDS! A pack a day smoker can save around $8,000 a year! And you start saving immediately – our gear costs about $1 a day (based on a pack a day smoker’s puff rate).
  • E-liquid designed specifically for smokers (tastes and FEELS just like the real thing), by (ex)smokers.
  • No second hand smoking issues. There is no smoke, so no tars and carbons to spread. Please be polite to others tho!
  • Smell fresh and clean (no more smelling like stale smoke).

Kick it in the butt today! Live a great new life with our range of e-cigarettes and related vaping supplies.

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NZVAPOR.com only stock the best vape devices. We do not do the little weak cigarette looking things you may have purchased from an alcohol shop or a chemist. Our vapes blow those ones out of the water! Our gear is designed to be powerful, to last, and our juices are made to taste like real smokes (or other flavour you may have chosen). More importantly, our gear actually makes you FEEL like you are puffing on a real cig (no more seeing a cloud but feeling like you are breathing nothing).

Cigarettes, like everything else have evolved and we now have cheaper, better alternatives to smoking. Stop poisoning yourself! Smoking is disgusting!

Why we’re different from the rest

Take a step inside NZVAPOR and discover the whole production, right here in New Zealand

Buy the best vape juice from NZ’s best nicotine supplier – NZVAPOR

We know we make the best e-liquids, made specifically for smokers! We were smokers too so we understand that vapers need a reliable supply of premium nicotine based e-liquids. So we have worked VERY hard on the supply chain, and even built our own manufacturing plant!

All our vape liquids went through a year of R&D before being released and have consistently impressed NZ vapers for over 10 years, so we know they are the best vape in NZ! With hundreds delicious flavours and strengths to choose from, you get a fully accurate strength and flavour, and you can blow big flavoursome clouds.

Premium NZ Made E-liquid.

NZVAPOR e-liquids are a range of premium blended products which offer the full, complex flavours of real cigarettes.

Vape to stop smoking for good.

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Why E-cigarettes instead of smoking?

The enjoyable pastime known as vaping will save the smoker about 80% of smoking costs – you can vape full time for around $5-$7 a week (Based on 20 cigarettes a day puff rate). There are also many health effects (which the NZ Medicines act stops us from explaining – but please do some homework!). In short, vaping with NZVAPOR is cheaper, easier and far, far better! We are set up so you can buy all of your e-cigarette hardware and vape juice supplies in NZ, quickly and easily – All from the one place… Easy!

STOP SMOKING, ITS GROSS! SMOKING KILLS! SMOKING STINKS! SMOKING IS EXPENSIVE! You don’t need to put yourself through that anymore. Choose NZVAPOR and change your life!