Our story: Taking the Best Vape Juices to Australia

NZVAPOR began with two brothers from the Waikato town of Tokoroa, sharing a similar thought: vaping makes quitting smoking a whole lot easier. The pair discovered this when they each gave up smoking after coming across their first E-cigarette in 2012. This amazed them; they were in awe at how easily they could break their long-term habit. Little did they know, this would lead them to provide some of the best vape juice Australia has on the market.

From here, the brothers spent 6-months in the planning stage of their business. Starting small, with just a handful of e-cigarette hardware—just 50 devices sold to family and friends — the pair ventured into sourcing e-liquid supplies. Starting small, the business had what it needed to get off the ground, and the rest, as they say, is history.

Backed By Passion

After using vaping products themselves, the brothers founded their business with huge passion; a passion for helping others give up smoking cigarettes. Seeing similar cessation success among NZVAPOR’s first customers and knowing that NZVAPOR helped them, the passion behind the business grew even stronger.

Passion and love are two important tools for all businesses. You should love what you do and NZVAPOR is no exception. The love and passion for helping people led the small-town NZ brothers to begin thinking about how they could open their own manufacturing plant and a full supply chain to maximise the scale e-liquids were being produced. NZVAPOR went international, starting to deliver their best vape juices to Australia.

New Horzions for NZVAPOR

Taking the business to the next level didn’t come without sacrifice. Selling everything they owned, childhood home included, they scrounged together enough money to turn a burning passion into a pharmaceutical-grade manufacturing plant. Now that’s pretty impressive, but their sights were on growing their business even bigger. And grow it did—from one of New Zealand’s most reliable vape stores to operating around the world.

As a NZVAPOR owned and operated plant, all our e-liquids are heavily controlled to meet all safety standards and requirements. All hardware sourced is done so only from trusted manufacturers and genuine suppliers. No fakes here.

It doesn’t stop at providing vape gear though. We’re focused on the long-term too, supporting a variety of Smoking Cessation programs, universities, and clinical trials. Not too shabby for a couple of NZ boys.

Now when someone asks you who NZVAPOR is, you can tell them that we’re just genuine, everyday people doing good stuff for smokers.

Why we’re different from the rest

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