Why We Brought Our Vape Juice to Australia.

We’ve always taken pride in our craft and put our blood, sweat, and tears into building a reliable NZ-made brand to deliver products to vapers across our home country. But from the moment we got our hands on the machinery we needed, our goal grew bigger: take over the southern hemisphere. The first step? Take our range of vape juice to Australia.

With 10 years of focus and investment we now operate 3 machines and a 120 square foot ISO accredited laboratory, capable producing a bottle of vape juice every second, and supply our liquids to many countries all over the world!

By manufacturing our own e-liquids we have access to the best and safest e-juice ingredients in the world.

Every single little bottle that leaves our factory has undergone strict quality control. All ingredients are provided by registered (USP*) base material providers with strict protocols, such as auditing and frequent testing of products. Shopping at NZVAPOR, you can be confident that you’re receiving a safe product. We’d do anything for our loyal customers, so we stock only the safest and highest-quality nicotine and nicotine-free vaping products.

Genuine Products for Genuine Vapers

Aside from our vape juices, we also have fantastic relationships with a range of hardware manufacturers around the globe. Sourced from China, our hardware is shipped to our New Zealand warehouse, ready to be sent off with your order. Hardware is generally in high demand, so we stock all our device hardware and replacement parts in New Zealand.

By doing this, we can get your hardware over the ditch to Australia quickly so you can get your hands on a new device and get ahold of replacement parts as soon as possible. All hardware—devices, coils, tanks—are typically delivered within two business days.

Find the Value in Vaping with NZVAPOR

All in all, we believe in quality, safety, and simplicity. We’ve built our store to be the one-stop vape shop, with everything you need to give up smoking—ask the people across the five different timezones we supply with our vape gear!

After just a few clicks and a little patience, your vape gear will be on your doorstep, legally, in no time. All you need to do is get your nicotine prescription ready and start browsing. Simple enough, right? Browse our hardware and vape juice in Australia online today.

  • The USP is an official public standard, setting authority for all prescription and over–the–counter medicines, and other health care products manufactured or sold in the US. USP sets widely recognised standards for dietary supplements and food ingredients. Standards are set for the purity, strength, quality, and consistency of these products. These standards are recognised in more than 130 countries around the globe and have helped to ensure public health throughout the world for close to 200 years.