eGo-T Batteries (Standard)

Our eGo-T batteries do not have a variable voltage dial at the bottom, so they are a great option for those vapers who know what they like. Because this option is not installed the battery is smaller so it keeps your e-cigarette nice and short.


EVOD Batteries (High range)

Our High Range EVOD variable voltage batteries give you the option to turn the voltage up or down, changing your vape to the way you like it, meaning you can customise your e-cigarette experience to your activities.


VISION SPINNER Batteries (Ultimate range)

Our VISION Spinner, variable voltage batteries are the top of the line, latest technology product of choice for heavy vapers. The variable voltage dial at the bottom allows you to customise the output of your e-cigarettes power to suit your mood.


All NZVAPOR batteries fit all tanks and clearomisers in our range (with the exception of the Kangertech Subtank Mini).

NZVAPOR only stock 100% genuine ecigarette parts. Beware of cheap clones and immitations!


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  • Kangertech EVOD e-cigarette Battery (1000mah)
    The most popular and longest lasting e-cig battery in our Kangertech EVOD range. This battery is designed to keep a powerful output going for as long as possible. Suitable for heavy vapers.   Recommended tank match: Kangertech T3D or CLICK HERE to see the ..
    The fully adjustable, sub ohm capable iPower 80w is an absolute gem!  Available in metallic colours the iPower is a fashionable and fresh, high end e cigarette battery. Compact in size you can easily hold the battery in the palm of your hand, but don’t underestimate the size of this c..
  • Samsung 18650 25R 2000mAh Battery
    Samsung 18650 25R 2000mAh Battery  Samsung 25R is a high drain, lithium IMR18650 battery. Suitable for high powered e-cigarette devices. 20A  3.7V   2000mah Rechargable All products in our range are genuine. Beware of clones!  ..