Tobacco flavoured e-liquid

Vape NZ better with our Tobacco e-juice range

Our tobacco flavoured e-juices were the tough ones. We poured many, many months into getting these flavours perfect! Our TOP priority in R&D was accuracy of tobacco flavoured e-juice, so you can be assured; your vape is as accurate as you will find! All that hard work (which was actually awesome) has paid off though, these are the best vapes you will find in NZ! Vape NZ better!

NZVAPOR SPECIALISE IN NICOTINE E-JUICES - DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR SMOKERS, BY (EX)SMOKERS. Our NV Juice range offers a huge vape production without compromising the throat hit, so you get the satisfying feeling of puffing the old ciggies, just without the negatives! 

All our e-liquids are AFNOR compliant, made with AMERICAN ingredients. We have been VERY selective with the choice of flavours that we offer, it is important that there are no unexpected 'spin off' chemicals or un-necessary tank issues, so you can enjoy the BEST vaping experience possible. retail, distribute and manufacture our own e-liquids from raw ingredients. So we know exactly what is in them! Be wary of cheap imitations! BUY E-JUICE IN NZ LEGALLY - DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURERS and choose only the best!


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    30ml - Royale Vape e-Juice boasts the perfect mix of dark and bright tobaccos aged with Rum and Red Wine. Formulated to give you that distinct flavour of Port Royal tobacco. This e-juice will offer you the familiar, smooth and mellow vaping experience you enjoyed as a smoker.   NZVAPOR..
    30ml - Dunhill cigarettes are famous for their caramel undertone and a signature sweet taste. Our special blend of flavours offer the rich tobacco taste of the real, high quality cigarettes and will exceed the expectations of any smoking connoisseur. Premium Red e-juice flavours won't leave ..
    30ml - Arctic Ice e Juice gives an intense fresh hit with each vape. For those seeking a more concentrated menthol effect! This premium e-liquid blend offers an icy cold, pure menthol blast with just the smallest hint of sweetness. Arctic Ice can be vaped on its own or mixed with all ot..
    30ml - Hikareti e-juice is a premium tropical tobacco blended vape which offers the full, complex flavours of a real cigarette. The natural woody undertone is complimented well by a subtle coconut sweetness and smooth but strong throat hit that experienced smokers are looking for. TINO PAI! &n..
    30ml - Perfectly Mint e-Juice has a clean menthol tobacco vape. Pleasantly warm, aromatic and sweet followed by a refreshing and cool hit at the end of each vape. The perfect eliquid for NZ menthol lovers.  Tip: Add a few drops of ARCTIC ICE to each tank for an extra mentho..