Sweet flavoured e-liquid

Vape your sweet tooth happy with sweet ejuices

Remember that lolly jar that nana used to keep up on the top shelf? And you only got to raid it after a whole days hard labour? Well we're not that tuff! Enjoy vaping your sweets all day long with our range of sweet eliquids. Sweet enough to crush the craving but not so much that you get sick of it.

NZVAPOR SPECIALISE IN NICOTINE E-JUICES - DESIGNED SPECIFICALLY FOR SMOKERS, BY (EX)SMOKERS. Our NV Juice range offers a huge vape production without compromising the throat hit, so you get the satisfying feeling of puffing the old ciggies, just without the negatives!  

All our e-liquids are AFNOR compliant, made with AMERICAN ingredients. We have been VERY selective with the choice of flavours that we offer, it is important that there are no unexpected 'spin off' chemicals or un-necessary tank issues, so you can enjoy the BEST vaping experience possible.


NZVAPOR.com retail, distribute and manufacture our own e-liquids from raw ingredients. So we know exactly what is in them! Be wary of cheap imitations! BUY E-JUICE IN NZ LEGALLY - DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURERS and choose only the best!


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    30ml - An e-liquid flavour sensation not to be missed! Fizzberry e-juice gives the vaper a fresh, sweet and tangy raspberry flavour. Then when you least expect it you’re left with a surprisingly late taste of fizzy sherbet. Business at the front, party at the back!   NZVAPOR SPECIALISE..
    30ml - NV NRG e-juice is specially formulated to vape like the most famous energy drink on earth. A remakable likeness to Red Bull. You will be impressed with how close we could get to the real thing Note - this ejuice will NOT give you energy. It just tastes like energy drink... Inhaling..
    30ml - Tutti Frutti e-juice will surprise even the most practiced of NZ vapers. With its comprised mix of sweets, zests and tangs from local and tropical fruit flavours, your vaping experience will be sweet, tasty and fragrant. Remember throwing the tutti frutti lollies at the cinema screen ..
    30ml - Caramel Fudge e-Juice embraces the delicious infusion of sugar, butter, brown sugar and vanilla. Based on the old recipe your nana used, this flavour reminds us all of the good old days.  Note - This is CARAMEL FUDGE, not like caramello, so you can vape it all day.  &n..
    30ml - Chocolate Truffle e-Juice vapes with a strong Belgian Chocolate Truffle flavour. The light milk chocolate is not too sweet and the aftertaste is equally balanced with just a hint of nuts. A must have vape for the chocolate lovers out there!   NZVAPOR SPECIALISE IN NICOTINE ..
    30ml - Primeapple Lumps e-Juice tastes just like the real thing... But as a vapour! A delightful mix of sweet pineapple confectionary and rich milk chocolate. A real kiwi treat for those with a love of the old classic, just without the extra kilos. Vape your sweet tooth happy!    ..